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Stable Camera: Phone on a tripod or leaned against the wall, not held in hand Reliable WiFi Connection, preferably 4G and at least 10mbps upload bandwidth Centered in the broadcast (waist up or chest up is ideal) Good Lighting: Natural light or well-positioned fluorescent lighting Newest version of the app downloaded at all times Broadcasts should always be vertical Look your best and camera ready at all times!



1. It is necessary to check whether the live cover of the broadcast is standard and transparent before the new host starts broadcasting.  

2. Adjust the live broadcast equipment such as camera, sound card, microphone, etc. to the best state before starting the broadcast.  

3. During the live broadcast, the camera should face the upper body, no occlusion effect, and the video area should base on the complete head.



 1. Beautiful Good looking.  

2. You must organize your image and video background, not messy before go to broadcasting.  

3. Please note that 80% of the app users are now males, so it is recommended to have females apply to keep a reasonable ratio.  

4. Accepting males will be very limited and selective.  

5. If Male host! He should be good looking/Handsome with excellent talent. 


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